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“We had the absolute best time today at unicorn world in Louisville. With it being the first event ever, we didn’t know what to expect. And you all far exceeded everything we could have expected. The attention to detail and all of the fun places to take photos were so awesome. All of the little areas to play and jump were great. We can’t wait to attend again!”

— Cayla R.
Louisville, 2022

“My baby had the BEST time at Unicorn World! Thank you for the magical experience. She loved it!”

— Mikayla H.
Louisville, 2022

“My Wee One had a blast!!!! This was the perfect early birthday experience for my unicorn 🦄 loving wee child.”

— Alyse A.
Louisville, 2022

“I had to drag my girls out after hours of play! We would have been there all day had mom and dad not needed a break.”

— Casandra H.
Louisville, 2022

“Such a great event! We drove 2.5 hrs and it was well worth it! Please come back again! AMAZING!”

— Bryttani R.
Louisville, 2022

“Went today and granddaughter said…”BEST DAY EVER”! Highly recommend… so beautiful and lots of FUN!!!”

— Donna K.
Louisville, 2022

“This was a really great event!! Especially for the first time! My daughter had a blast. We actually drove here from Cincinnati. Very impressed with everything that was offered. Excellent setup, and cluster free! Thank you so much for this very fun experience with my little girl.”

— Ashley S.
Louisville, 2022

“Thank you for giving my granddaughter, daughter in love and myself the most magical gift of all- our adventure time at Unicorn World made us want to sleep in the fairy forest and wake up in the morning to help feed Aqua, Blaze, Sprinkles, Lavender and Jewel! Everything was as magical as we had hoped it exceeded all of our expectations! Keep imagining”

— Marsha W.
Louisville, 2022

“My daughter loved it she sleeps with her unicorn that came in the bag she would take it to school if she could.”

— Tammy T.
Louisville, 2022

“I took my kids yesterday an my daughter had a blast! My son is only 19 months so there wasn’t much he could do but he had fun with what he could do! He loved the 2 an under area and the big kid ball pits an hoola hoops! He doesn’t like bounce houses but he had fun watching his sissy in them and watching her ride unicorns. All in all it was worth it for them to have fun!”

— Kelsea P.
Knoxville, 2022

“Had a blast at Unicorn World. The unicorns were beautiful and it was worth seeing the smile on my granddaughters face. God bless you for putting together this event.”

— Donna S.
Knoxville, 2022

“My girl said that this was the best day of her life. She has talked about it everyday since we went.”

— Amber W.
Knoxville, 2022

“I love looking for fun pop-up conventions to take my son to for a family night out! There’s so many that make appearances in a nearby area! Last weekend we took the little one down to Louisville to a convention called, “Unicornworld” 🦄 Let me just say it was SO CUTE & well put together! There were multiple ball pits, swings, bounce houses, hula hooping, dance floor, rideable ponies for the tracks, and lots of cute fantasy props and attractions for photos (the big unicorns even moved their heads around and blinked which all the kids loved!) An area for some snacks and drinks along with adorable merchandise! It was a lot of fun and every kid there had a big smile the entire time! I’d definitely recommend this convention to other families!”

— Kaylee L.
Knoxville, 2022

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